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    "...it was such a pleasure to have your advice - your passion for photography is amazing and you're a great teacher. Patient. Funny. Inspiring." - Stacey M.

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    If you want to learn how to level up your photography, there's no better way than meeting me in person ;) The next best thing is to watch my new video training course! It's broken down into 5 chapters, with a bunch of training videos inside each chapter. The videos are a maximum of 5 minutes long, so it's easy to keep focused on each topic, and to follow along at your own pace. With that said, there is lots of content!

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    I have been a professional photographer since I was 17 years old. I honed my skills in weddings and portraits, and then went on to become involved in commercial photography, then photographing cats and dogs, and then wild animals. I have photographed many different types of subjects!


    During this time, I also began to study many aspects of psychology, philosophy, human development, and personality profiling, amongst other things. I am always curious to learn more.


    For the past 10 years I taught Photography Day Tours in various parts of the world, including Greece, Spain, New Zealand, Amsterdam, and Dubai. During this time I developed my unique philosophy on how to create better photos every time, based on my observation on how people behave naturally, and where they can improve their knowledge and skills.


    I realised that the thing I love the most is helping people improve their photography. Using my vast Photography knowledge and love of observing human nature, the idea for this venture was born. The hope is to help people learn about themselves and about their photography, so that they can become better at creating the photos they really desire. In fact, to help people Discover Their Inner Photographer, by Transforming their Mindset.


    Olaf Reinen 

    Founder, Discover Your Inner Photographer

  • Stacey M, UK

    ...it was such a pleasure to have your advice - your passion for photography is amazing and you're a great teacher. Patient. Funny. Inspiring.

    Sanjay and Pooja, Mumbai India

    Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience.

    Chen, Hong Kong

    Your patience, knowledge and the desire to teach is a real gem. 

    Chris & Margaret

    Your kindness, patience and encouragement meant a tremendous amount to us and we learned so much from you. We will now take a completely different approach to our photography, endeavouring to use the many suggestions and tips you gave us.

    Isabelle N, USA

    In addition to having the technicalities worked out, my pictures now have an essence of purpose and story telling. In order to make the pictures feel as they did when you were there, there has to be a level of composition and attention with which Olaf stressed greatly. Thanks again!

    L. Kamanu, Turkey

    Before Olaf, I was just a point and shoot photographer and I thought I was good! He taught me how to use my camera to create so many beautiful effects with lighting and angles. After Olaf - I have continued honing the skills he shared and look forward to future lessons with Olaf.

    Ronnie D, Wales

    I am a keen amateur photographer and Olaf's knowledge and technical ability on photography was first class.

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