• Retouching / Editing Examples

    Here's just a few examples of the options available. Got a question? Ask me.
    Services include:

    • image sharpening
    • head swaps
    • face slimming
    • skin retouching
    • remove objects
    • fix clothing and hair
    • color matching
    • image enhancing
    • remove dust spots in images
    • reduce noise
    • straighten / add missing detail

    Skin retouching

    Keeping it natural while removing or reducing acne, scars, wrinkles etc.

    Done to your level of need - some people want completely smooth, others like some 'character' left in.

    You choose and I deliver.

  • Different levels of skin retouching performed are totally up to you.


    This image also includes some slimming and evening-up the eye size, removing the black shape in the bottom corner, as well as smoothing the lips.

  • Fixing details

    This girl had a sty in her eye. In fact in about 10 photos! Different shots took different techniques to fix.


    Here's one example, made more challenging by keeping her hair through the eye :)

  • Fixing details 1

    In this case, removing the reflection in the glasses,
    while keeping it all natural and still seeing the eyes.

    This was a complete eye rebuild on the left side!

  • Fixing details 2

    Removed multiple light reflections on the glasses, color correct, and give a subtle but more punchy feel to the image.

  • Headswaps & Fill

    In this example, two heads were swapped (can you see which ones?), and the background cleaned up and extended under the feet.


    Plus, the tones were corrected and faces were all slimmed and retouched as necessary.

  • Cables / objects removed

    Taking out annoying objects and cables is all

    part of the retouching service.


    I chose this example because it's a fun picture ;)

  • Color matching

    If you are selling a series of prints, or all in one frame, you definitely want the colors to match!


    In this example it involved cleaning up the background, sharpening and adjusting the tones, as well as matching the colors.

  • Clear cutting

    Have a background you need to get rid of?


    I will take it away and just leave the object of your desire, so to speak...

  • Processing files

    Looking for some inspiration?


    I can process and play with your images to create a different effect, based on the feeling you want to portray.


    Multiple variations are possible for you to choose from.

  • Image enhancement

    Get more out of your images than you thought possible!

  • Want expert-level advice?

    Consulting Services available

    Expertise when you need it

    I know a lot about shooting, processing, and editing images.  

    I have owned a successful wedding and portrait studio in 3 different countries. I have taught hundreds of people how to dramatically improve their photography.  Let me help you!


    I can also provide workflow consulting - from shooting right through to the final result. 

    I will pinpoint and troubleshoot areas to improve so you consistently get better results for your clients, and it will save you time and money. Contact me to discuss your needs.

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